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Protect your home.

Our company targets waterproofing problems by installing quality sump & pumps and perimeter drains.  You don't need to worry when rainy weather comes your way, keeping your basement dry is our goal.  Some ways of water penetrating into your basement include, but are not limited to cracks and holes in the walls and floor, as well as water penetrating through the floor and wall joints.  We will ensure the removal of moisture, prevent future infiltration, and provide you with a safe and healthy living space for you and your family

The perimeter drain system consists of perforated plastic pipe surrounded by approximately 4" of crushed stone.  It is installed next to the footing of the foundation.  Weep holes are drilled into the foundation walls allowing water to directly enter the drainage system.  By allowing the water to come into the drainage system you alleviate hydrostatic pressure which will stop water penetrating water through the floors and walls of your basement.

Any finished basement should be water-proofed.  Having your finished basement flooded can become a great problem for you and your family

Your finished basement is a valuable living space and you cannot afford to lose. The service we provide to make your basement water-proofed is helpful in maintaining your basement dry.  If you have never had water damage; don't let rainy weather catch you by surprise, act now and water will stay out!

Having a sump pump in your basement will also reduce the chance of getting water into your living space.

Water damaged walls will become full of mold and mildew.  This is a critical problem that may significantly affect you and your family, both physically and financially.  Mold and Mildew in your basement will also bring the value of your house down and that is something no one can afford.




Sump Pump
A sump pump is used and in most houses for the removal of groundwater that accumulates around your house.  They are ideal and essential for homes in areas in which heavy rain is commonly expected.  They are also necessary for homes that are built on flat or low-lying areas.

Installing a sump pump in your basement is your best form of defense to prevent flooding.  Sump pumps can save you thousands of dollars in damage when flooding occurs.  As little as one inch of water can take a long time to clean up, not to mention the damage.  There are different types of sump pumps that may be utilized in your finished/unfinished basement and/or crawl space.   
We are affordable and trustworthy; here are some of the steps we take when waterproofing your living space is in our hands.

      http://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gif*  Repair all cracks and holes (Walls and/or Floors
http://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gifhttp://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gif*  Install Quality Sump Pumps
http://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gifhttp://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gif*  Battery back-up device for the sump pump
http://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gifhttp://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gif*  Interior perimeter drains
http://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gifhttp://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gif*  Property graded away from the home
http://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gifhttp://www.njcontracting.com/tp.gif*  Inspect efficiency of gutters

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